We aim to create a writing curriculum which enables children to express their creativity and provides them with the skills necessary to become independent writers, with strong writer’s voices.

We provide our writers with the tools to communicate and share their ideas with those around them and to do so by understanding the impact of powerful vocabulary and writer’s choices. We believe that carefully selected literature is vital to the development of young writers and we therefore use a variety of different text types and strong teacher and peer models to help shape our own writing.

High quality texts are essential to our vision. With a rich diet of quality texts and enriching experiences children will be able to find their own reasons to write and develop a style that fits the purpose, audience and form intended. Our texts ensures high quality texts are used, chapter and picture books. Range of books to allow children to investigate other lives, worlds and perspectives. Children write in a wide range of genres and have meaningful opportunities to write for a purpose in response to a book they have read.

We ensure children write a mix of non-fiction, fiction and poetry. Our writing cycle begins with immersion to let our high quality texts enthuse and engage our pupils through drama, collaborative tasks, discussion and creative activities.

Below you can find the Islington ‘Writing’ Grids for Years 1 – 6, which we use at Whitehall Park School:

Year 1 Writing Grid

Year 2 Writing Grid

Year 3 Writing Grid

Year 4 Writing Grid

Year 5 Writing Grid

Year 6 Writing Grid


Writing Curriculum Overview