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Friends of Whitehall Park School – parent, teacher and community association.
We have an active PTCA at Whitehall Park School with a huge amount of involvement from parents across the school and other community members. The main intention of a PTCA is to hold lots of fun, social events for parents and children and if they raise money doing so, then it all goes right back to the children and the school. Since we formed in Autumn 2014 the PTCA have raised over £20000 towards additional school equipment and have organised Christmas and Summer fairs, Quiz Nights, Easter competitions and much more. There are a series of events planned for this year, please check the school calendar regularly for details.
The PTCA is led by a committee of six, supported by class reps from each of our classes and all parents of children at the school are members.
My name is Stephen. I am Riley’s dad who is in Parsley.
I am Co – Treasurer of the PTCA
I like long walks and socialising.
Wendy is mum of Riley in Parsley Class, has two older children in senior school and is a stand-up comic.
She is also joint-secretary of the PTCA.
My name is Micol and my daughter Alys is in Parsley Class. I am Co-Chair of the PTCA. I also have a younger son called Evan and another one on the way due in February 2017!
I have been working in the non-for-profit sector for many years within events fundraising, marketing and social media. I am also training to become a breastfeeding supporter in Islington and regularly volunteer at local drop-ins.
I am a keen knitter and sewer, although not very accomplished! My family and I love to travel an enjoy escaping to the country at every opportunity!
I really look forward to an exciting year of events and activities at WPS and raising lots of funds!
Olga is Co-Treasurer of the PTCA. Olga holds a degree in Computer Science and has got years of experience working in IT sector. She currently works as a Database Administrator with an insanely inspirational team of specialists providing statistical research in sports. Olga has particular interest in Open Source technologies. My SQL and Linux and solid experience with developing robust and efficient database systems starting from initial evaluation to final deployment. She lives in North London with her partner Phil, two young sons and two cats. Olga enjoys travelling, reading old school sci-fi novels, playing chess and spending time with her family. Fluent in English and Russian. Olga has joined PTCA when her eldest has started reception at Whitehall park school because she is very fond of the school amd the great community spirit there is around it and would like to help keep this fantastic spirit going. Olga say’s “We build the world around us and carry responsibility for it, if we sit and do nothing – nothing will happen.”
My name is Cheryl and I am the Volunteer Co-Ordinator of the PTCA. I spend a lot of my time volunteering at Whitehall park and look forward to working with lots of new people.
My Son, Ronnie, is in Lavender class and I have an older Daughter who is currently studying Animal management. I have a Dobermann called Kaiser and I am highly experienced with the Dobermann breed. I am a hairdresser by trade. I am very passionate about animals, love music, watching documentaries and enjoy spending time with my family.
Tim is the Communications Officer of the PTCA.
Tim’s children are Eddie and Hazel. In Basil and Lavender. Tim lives next to the school on Gresley Road. He recently replaced the hinges on his oven door himself. Cycles everywhere. Has had a beard since before it was hip to have beards. Likes the band Queen.
My name is Gary Fitzpatrick, I am Co-Chair of the PTCA.
I am Dad to Teddy in Basil class and Ryan in Parsley class. My wife, Tracy was Co- Chair of the PTCA for the past two years. We are both very passionate about WPS and this is the reason I joined the Committee.
I am a train driver on the Piccadilly line. I have an interest in all sports, especially football and I am a Tottenham Hotspur fan.


How to contact the PTCA
All involvement is very welcome so please do get in touch;
To find out more about the role of the PTCA and to read the Constitution, Click Here