Parent, Teacher and Community Association

Friends of Whitehall Park School – parent, teacher and community association
We have an active PTCA at Whitehall Park School with a huge amount of involvement from parents across the school and other community members. The main intention of a PTCA is to support the school, organise lots of fun, social events for parents and children. Occasionally we raise money through our events which is invested back into the school. Since we formed in Autumn 2014 the PTCA have raised over £20.000 towards additional school equipment and have organised Christmas and Summer fairs, Quiz Nights, Easter competitions and much more. There are a series of events planned for this year, please check the school calendar regularly for details.

How does the PTCA work?
Please see who our PTCA members are and what role they have:

Committee Members Role
Marianne Westergaard PTCA Chair
Yana KitovaVice PTCA Chair
Marta BelTreasurers
-WPS Teacher

To find out more about the role of the PTCA and to read the Constitution.

In 2018 Whitehall Park PTCA became a charity. This means we have the following:

  • Exempt from paying income and corporation tax.
  • We are able to receive charitable donations from local and national companies.
  • Eligible to apply to grant making charitable trusts.
  • Being able to receive donations made through payroll giving and company matched giving scenes.
  • Being able to apply for gift aid.

Join our PTCA Team

All involvement is very welcome so please do get in touch: