Volunteers at Whitehall Park

We are truly grateful for every single moment that our wonderful volunteers dedicate to the children and community of Whitehall Park. We have volunteers working behind the scenes and also alongside classroom teachers and teaching assistants in order to provide an essential role in supporting learning.

Many of our current volunteers are pursuing a career in education and thus are shadowing our fantastic team of staff at Whitehall Park and developing their own teacher/TA personas and working styles whilst learning the essentials of planning, assessment and teaching an engaging curriculum.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to the children at Whitehall Park in any way at all, please contact Hayleigh Powell via office@whitehallparkschool.org.uk.

You will be asked to fill in a volunteers application form and to have read our volunteer policy which you can find here. You could bring these to your meeting with Hayleigh to start the volunteering process. These documents form a key part of our safeguarding process to ensure that the children and staff are safe here at Whitehall Park.