The development of Information and Communications Technology is changing at home and in the community and pervades every aspect of our lives. The impact of ICT on the lives of our pupils continues to grow and it is essential that they can take advantage of ICT opportunities and understand its effects, so that in the future they will be confident and competent users.


ICT is the use of technology in the classroom. This can be anything from using iPads, the Smart Board and laptops. Opportunities to use ICT is available here at Whitehall Park to use in all subjects. Laptops and iPads are used in maths to make data tables, to conduct research, write books, create stories or for children to further their learning with fantastic educational apps. Sound buttons and Sound clouds are used help children who may have issues remembering sentences for literacy. We have a Green Screen for creating augmented reality scenarios and to further enrich story creation. Children make films and take pictures of their learning using cameras and iPads. It’s fantastic to see children becoming teachers when using the smart board to demonstrate their ideas.


Here at Whitehall Park we take Online Safety extremely seriously. From fully managed internet access with strict web filtering to making online safety a natural part of any lesson involving the use of the internet we take as many steps as possible to ensure that children are kept safe.

We also know that there are many different ways that children can access the internet and so we prepare the children for the dangers that may be out there and provide them with strategies for dealing with unwanted communications and being aware of how other people may interact with them. Please take a look at the links below for more information on keeping our children safe online.

Keeping Under Fives Safe Online

Internet Safety for Kids

Teaching Online Safety in Schools- DfE June 2019

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact your child’s class teacher.

If you or your child are ever concerned about the content of a website or something makes you feel uneasy you can contact the National Crime Agency (NCA) by clicking on their image. See below.