Our vision for Science at Whitehall Park is for students to lead science lessons through questioning and investigating the world around them.

We teach science using a bespoke curriculum which focuses on the three main scientific strands: physics, chemistry and biology. These are then broken down into topics which are taught systematically and progressively as children move through the school.  The curriculum has been written so that all children are given opportunities to continually build upon and develop their scientific understanding through repetition and rehearsal of science skills.

All children participate in a science lesson each week and focus on a different topic every half term. Children at Whitehall Park learn to work scientifically during their science lessons whilst learning the content at the same time. Working Scientifically is all about teaching children the process of science.

Working scietifcally requires children to:

  • Ask scientific questions
  • Plan and evaluate an enquiry
  • Make a prediction
  • Observe closely
  • Take measurements
  • Gather / record results
  • Present results
  • Interpret results
  • Draw conclusions

We aim for our student to develop an understanding of the processes and methods of science through a range of scientific enquiry that supports and encourage our children to ask and answer questions about the world around them.