Ofsted report

We are thrilled to announce that the latest Ofsted report September 2022, gave us a rating of a Good school. This is a strong confirmation of our previous grade, as well as a recognition of all the hard work, dedication and passion that staff have put into delivering excellent education to our pupils.

The Ofsted report highlighted the solid knowledge of subject leaders, how close knit and supportive staff is and how they work closely with the local authority, and leaders in other schools within the Bellevue Place Education Trust, of which we are part of, in order to develop expertise.

The report pointed out: “Pupils enjoy opportunities to take on responsibilities in the school. Pupils are taught about democratic processes. They vote for school council representatives, a head boy and a head girl. Pupils are proud to hold these positions and represent their school. […]”

His Majesty’s Inspector visited for two days, met with the headteacher and her senior team, discussed the curriculum with subject leaders, visited a sample of lessons, spoke to teachers, and children and looked at samples of pupils’ work.

Headteacher Alison Hatch said: “I am extremely proud of the staff who work tirelessly to ensure our children receive the best education possible. We are determined to give all children the best opportunities we can, within a supportive and inspiring environment that percolates a culture of excellence. I want to shout this out from the roof tops!”

A parent said: “The Ofsted report tallies with our positive experience as parents the past 3 years. It feels like a great platform to build upon for the future. Well done and thanks for all the hard work!”

Mark Greatrex, Chief Executive of the BPETsaid: “We are absolutely delighted that Whitehall Park School has been confirmed a Good school. With the pandemic, the last couple of years have been challenging, but the exceptional team at Whitehall Park continued relentlessly in their mission to deliver the very best for the pupils and community they serve.”

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Due to COVID-19 there were no results for 2019-20, we continue to do our own performance monitoring and believe our pupils are still achieving great learning which will be reflected in future examinations.

At Whitehall Park School, we support all of our children to strive for academic, creative, sporting and personal accomplishment within a broad, balanced vibrant and enriched curriculum.  Please see the tables below for an overview of our past results.

Performance Tables are also produced by the Department for Education (DfE). They give information on the achievements of pupils in primary, secondary and 16-18 provision in schools and colleges, and how they compare with other schools in the Local Authority (LA) area and in England as a whole.

To see how the results of Whitehall Park compare to those of other schools in the UK, please click the link to visit the DfE school performance website. At Whitehall Park assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning, we believe in assessing the process of learning as well as the product. Teachers at our school effectively use assessment to ensure the correct scaffolding is built into lessons to ensure that all children achieve. Whitehall Park teachers are always thinking about what they need to do to ensure that all of the children they teach make progress.

Our new Assessment System has at its heart Assessment for Learning; this is when teachers assess children’s learning in the classroom and provide feedback and next steps for the child.

We are very proud of our children and the wonderful progress they make and their achievements, whether they be sporting, creative academic, personal or social. Teachers regularly check to ensure that everyone is on track and making the progress we expect, if we believe that children are able to make even more progress, teachers amend and adapt their planning to challenge and support our children in their development, knowledge and understanding.

Percentage of Whitehall Park children achieving GLD (Good Level of Development)88% (+19%)90% (+18%)82% (+10%)
% Children achieving GLD nationally69%72%71%
% Children achieving GLD in Islington 70.5%71%72%
Year 1 Phonics Screening
Phonics Working at the required standard201720182019
Percentage of Whitehall Park pupils achieving the required standard 92% (+11%)95% (+13%)92% (+10%)
% Children achieving the required standard nationally81%82%82%
% Children achieving the required standard in Islington82%83%84%
End of Key Stage One Results
2019% Whitehall Park pupils achieving ARE% pupils nationally achieving ARE% pupils in Islington achieving ARE% Whitehall Park pupils exceeding ARE% pupils nationally exceeding ARE% pupils in Islington exceeding ARE
Reading88% (jo+13%)75%76%28% (+3%)25%27%
Writing83% (+14%)69%71%23% (+8%)15%19%
Maths87% (+11%)76%77%27% (+5%)22% 25%

ARE – Age Related Expectations. The number in brackets shows the difference in percentage between results from Whitehall Park School when compared to National results.