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Night zookeeper

Today, year 4 were lucky enough to have the night zookeeper called Paul. The Night Zookeeper is a programme that is being run by Sky kids that involves kids from all over London drawing, writing stories, writing scripts and using their imagination. W were pretending we were the character Will {the night zookeeper}, this is soon to be made into a series on Sky TV. We got to use the iPads and go on challenges as well as, writing about the characters we had made and complete lessons Paul had made for us on the night zoo! We have all been given our new username and password so we can log on at home to contribute to our classes team. We can now make kind and helpful comments to our friends as they make new drawings and stories. We hope our school has the fantastic opportunity to meet him again and do more workshops with him. I asked other children what they thought and they said:

“It was very enjoyable and I would love them to come again” – Year 4

“I got to imagine that I was Will” – Year 4