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Year 1 trip to the zoo

Year 1’s Zoo-tastic Trip

As you may know, Year 1 has been working on their Frozen topic since September. They have been learning about animals in the Arctic, particularly Polar Bears and has been inspired to write their own version of ‘Little Polar Bear’. In preparation for studying about the animals in the Antarctic, the children went on a special trip to London Zoo to visit the magnificent penguins. The children went to see the special ‘Penguin Beach Live’ show and learnt lots about what they eat, what makes them ‘fly’ underwater and why they’ll never meet a Polar Bear!

It was a lovely sunny day, despite it being a super busy day, the children had a fabulous time eating their picnics amongst the animals and even had some free time to observe other animals at the Zoo, too.

Again, we would like to thank all the wonderful parents who offered their time (and energy!) to help support the children with their learning outside of school. These educational trips really help engage and inspire the children with the learning they do in school and we couldn’t have done it without your generous help! We