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Values Winners-Independence

Congratulations to Efe in Chive class for being an independent learner!  He always attempts to complete his learning by himself and if he gets stuck he always tries to figure it out for himself.  Efe is trying really hard to meet his target! Well done Efe keep it up and continue to strive for excellence!

Well done to Daniyal in Basil for always trying hard to work independently and for always trying first before asking an adult for help.

Great Job Sebastian in Jasmine class for showing independence when writing.  He always tries to solve his problems himself before asking the adults for help.  He uses his phonics to help him write his words and he is now writing fantastic stories on his own.

Great job Coco in Parsley class for showing that she can do things independently.  She is always willing to try on her own before asking for help, she is always very proud of herself when she achieves tasks independently

Congratulations to Luca in Sage class.  He is always one of the first changed for PE and dresses his chair ready to change back into his uniform. He completes his learning independently and encourages others to do things for themselves!!

Well done to Nieko in Lavender class for always trying to solve his problems in different ways before asking for help in class.  Nieko has shown he can take charge of his own learning and develop the skills to help others around him.