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Salsa Workshop – Year 3

As part of their Eurovision Topic for this half term, Year 3 enjoyed learning some basic Salsa dancing steps with Miss Angela and  Carlos Andrés (a Colombian dancer) who elegantly demonstrated the beauty of this exotic dance.

Salsa is a Latin American style of dance, it originated in Cuba but is practised in most parts of the world, especially in Europe. This dance requires a partner, one is the “lead” dancer who communicates signals to the other who is the “follower”. The dance includes both open and closed positions. As there are more boys than girls in year 3, the girls rotated around the boys and got the opportunity to dance with most of their male peers. They learned 4 different steps and some have even mastered the “inside right turn”.  It was great fun!

The children were also introduced to another type of exotic dance which is called the Bachata. Just like Salsa, it requires a partner.  We are hoping to learn more Salsa moves and styles next year!  Lets find out what the children thought of their salsa experience:-

“It was a very good experience, it was so fun and we got to learn so much!”

 “I loved the Salsa dancing because I liked that we didn’t dance with just one girl but with lots!” Eddie

 “Learning Salsa was amazing because it helps you stay fit and its super fun!”