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Reception Hinduism workshop

Last half term Reception were lucky enough to have a special visitor in to teach them all about Hinduism. As soon as we walked in the hall we could smell the incense and knew we would learn about something new and different! We learnt about the Hindu Gods and the process of getting ready for prayer. This includes taking shoes off, washing hands, ringing a bell to alert the Gods they’re ready for prayer. We also learnt about the offerings to their Gods before prayer.

Afterwards, we were shown a labyrinth and we each had our own path to follow from the centre outwards. A labyrinth helps us calm and focus on ourselves and our path.

We read the Rama and Sita story and some special children were chosen to use the puppets to act it out. The most fun part of our day, we thought, was when we got to take our shoes off and dress up in cultural dress! We danced to music and enjoyed waving the beautiful materials in the air.

Before our Hinduism day was over, we tasted  some traditional sweets! Some we liked, some not as much but it was all a new experience. Reception enjoyed joining in with the customs of Hindu people and gave a big thank you to Miss Lightowler for guiding our learning!