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ICT Week 2017

During ICT WEEK the children had the opportunity to use a range of different ICT equipment in their classes. They had a great time tinkering with a lot of new applications and technology they hadn’t used before and were able to improve their computational thinking.


Both reception classes were developing their programming skills this week. They created their own mazes and then inputted algorithms to see if their Beebot could find its way out of the maze.  If they weren’t successful, the children debugged the programme and tried again.   The children really enjoy learning programming with the Beebots and are now able to use them independently.

Year 1

Year 1 had a lot of fun exploring and creating stop motion animation during ICT week using Stop Motion Studios. First, they planned out their stories using a story map. They then created their characters and setting using paper. Finally, they created their stop motion animation in small groups. The children really enjoyed seeing their stories come to life and were able to improve their computing skills at the same time. They were able to see that technology has a wide range of uses and that this could be something they do at home.

Year 2

Year 2 had a fantastic week exploring a range of different applications. First, we explored augmented reality using the Quiver app. The children really enjoyed seeing something they had created come to life! Then the children were introduced to Scratch Jr, they had the opportunity to create their own programme and were really engaged with their learning. To finish the week off, the children used iMovie to create their own short video about how to tell the time. They found this challenging but after lots of tinkering and collaboration, they were able to successfully make a short movie.