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Head teacher take-over!! Felipe’s Spotty Dotty Day for Children in Need.

Spotty dotty day.

Today we had a day to raise money for children in need and we got to wear spotty clothes.

Also all the office staff got the sack and Felipe was the head teacher. Fiamma was Miss Fynaut. Freya was Miss Wright and George was Miss Marion.

The children who replaced the office staff had to do lots of jobs such as put up value banners, collect the money from the classes, count the money and more!

In all the classes we did art in reception they did spotty colouring year 1 they did colouring in Pudsey bears in year 2 they did spotty painting. In year 3 they did spotty bags and in year 4 they did spotty masks.

Children in need help people from all over the world!

This blog was written by the Spotty Dotty Day Leadership Team.