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Performance Results

At Whitehall Park School, we support all of our children to strive for academic, creative, sporting and personal accomplishment within a broad, balanced vibrant and enriched curriculum.  Please see the tables below for an overview of our past results.

Performance Tables are also produced by the Department for Education (DfE). They give information on the achievements of pupils in primary, secondary and 16-18 provision in schools and colleges, and how they compare with other schools in the Local Authority (LA) area and in England as a whole.

At Whitehall Park assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning,  we believe in assessing the process of learning as well as the product.    Teachers at our school effectively use assessment to ensure the correct scaffolding is built into lessons to ensure that all children achieve.  Whitehall Park teachers are always thinking about what they need to do to ensure that all of the children they teach make progress.

Our new Assessment System has at its heart Assessment for Learning; this is when teachers assess children’s learning in the classroom and provide feedback and next steps for the child. This type of assessment is happening all day every day in our classrooms.

You can find out more about how we assess at Whitehall Park School by clicking on the following links:

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EYFS End of Year Results (Early Learning Goals ELG’s)