“Parenting in Times of Uncertainty” – a talk by Dr. Emma Silver

Feb. 2021

Dr Emma Silver, Highgate School’s Director of Wellbeing, recently delivered an informative talk titled “Parenting in Times of Uncertainty”. Although school will be resuming next week, this information remains relevant as the transition from home to school can be difficult.

Emma is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 25 years’ experience working in child and adolescent mental health. In the video, she discusses ways to overcome some of the challenges the pandemic has created for parents and guardians. The talk discusses how the pandemic has affected us physically, mentally and emotionally and how we can help our children emotionally manage anxiety. She shares her thoughts on what a balanced digital diet looks like and explores how to support your child’s online learning  as well as uncertainty among many other useful topics.

We encourage all parents, carers and guardians to have a listen and take on board what you can, for both you and your child’s wellbeing.

If you are unable to view the video, you can view it here