Opening Ceremony

As we are a new free school in Islington, London, we had a grand opening to celebrate. We invited all the children and their families along with members of the local community to come along and join in with our celebrations. We had a whole range of food and drinks brought by everyone to share in a buffet. This included homemade Irish Guinness cake, cupcakes, fruit kebabs, salads, sausage rolls and much more!

During the course of the afternoon, we had food, face painting, music, games and a class name competition. Family members and members of the local community have been voting online for their favourite class name topics. We then shortlisted the topics to ‘Famous Authors’, ‘Herbs’ or ‘Local Road Names’ and we can now announce that Herbs were the winners of the class names with our first class names at Whitehall Park School being ‘Sage’ and ‘Parsley’.

Everyone had a chance to write a wish for their child’s future at Whitehall Park School and we sent them up high into the sky connected to a helium balloon to see how far our wishes would travel. We can now announce that Adam in Parsley class was the winner as his went to Kent, well done!