Ms Alison Hatch appointed Headteacher for Whitehall Park

“I am writing to announce the appointment of the substantive Headteacher for Whitehall Park School.

I am delighted to say that Ms Alison Hatch has been appointed as the permanent Headteacher for Whitehall Park School.

Ms Hatch demonstrated the vision and passion for delivering the highest standards of education for the pupils at Whitehall Park School. She brings an open, friendly and collegiate approach to school leadership where children are at the centre of her approach, so they can learn with the breadth of experience and opportunity we are seeking to give all pupils.

With over 10 years of school leadership experience, Ms Hatch’s most recent Headship experience was in a successful Independent prep school in Kent. After this, Ms Hatch worked as a School Improvement Leader across a Trust of three primary schools in Kent, driving up standards in these schools.

In the few months Ms Hatch has been the interim leader of Whitehall Park School, we have been impressed with the relationships she has built across the school, where new staff are clear on their role and the direction the school is going, with a clear vision of where she wants the school to be.

This has been a great start and now Ms Hatch has been appointed permanently, we can quickly move to establishing more of the excellent practice Whitehall Park School is known for, with a relentless focus on high standards across all subject areas and a richness to the curriculum. We are also keen to involve parents and the community much more than we have been able to in the past few years, celebrating pupil achievements and coming together more as a school community.

I would like to thank the pupils, parents, Local Advisory Board and staff who were part of the selection process for our new permanent Headteacher. We had a very strong field and the school radiated a warmth and professionalism to our visitors on the day. The pupils were absolutely amazing, speaking with passion and energy about their love for school, along with the subjects they enjoyed most too.

We look forward to this next chapter for Whitehall Park School under Ms Hatch’s leadership and all the exciting opportunities and ideas we discussed becoming a reality, in our quest to deliver a world class offering at Whitehall Park School.”

Mark Greatrex

Chief Executive Officer, BPET

“I am overjoyed to have been given the guardianship of Whitehall Park School. To be able to lead such a motivated team that shares the vision  ‘Learn, Enjoy, Succeed’ is an absolute privilege. The staff are dedicated, passionate and will ensure that all children shine. I look forward to working with the staff team to ensure we continue to deliver a rich, engaging, and challenging curriculum, surrounded in a culture where the ethics of excellence is the norm.  We will endeavour to ensure every pupil and person involved in Whitehall Park reaches their full potential. The potential to unlock the best from our pupils is limitless! I look forward to engaging with parents, carers, local businesses, local nurseries and secondary schools to build a fantastic community, all of whom support the development of each and every child who attends the school.”

Alison Hatch