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Innovation winners 2018

Congratulations to Emir for showing such an unique and creative imagination.  We love his amazing creations!

Congratulations to Kanye for always being so creative in all aspects of his learning.  We loved the mythical creatures he has been creating for our Ancient Greece topic.

Well done Ethan for being creative with all aspects of his learning, especially home learning. He is very imaginative and uses a variety of different materials to create wonderful creative outcomes.

Congratulations to Sienna who, embraces her own talents and strengths in class. She is always willing to teach and learn from others and she is an inspiration with her unique ideas and personality

Well done to Isla who is constantly designing new outfits for her future career as a fashion designer! She also re-created the Nutcracker story for national story telling week where she wrote a script, used a puppet show and filmed it!

Well done to Eva for always having a unique approach o creative learning activities.  She has wonderful ideas and loves sharing them with her class.

Congratulations to Aura for always expressing herself in a unique and confident way. She is always happy to share her talents with others and uses them in a range of different scenarios.

Congratulations to Eddie who, always thinks of creative new ways to challenge himself in his learning and likes to think outside the box!