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Site update

There appears to be some confusion and mis-information around the site so we thought it worthwhile addressing some of these points in order that you have the information directly from us and the Department for Education:

  • Representatives of the Department for Education have confirmed that the Funding Agreement between the Secretary of State for Education is in place and as such Whitehall Park School will open in September 2014 on the former Ashmount school site.
  • The minimum land available for the school on the site will be half the area of the current school site. The school could increase to the whole site should a negotiated settlement with LBI not happen. However, it will never be less than half the site. It is worth noting that the original Ashmount School was a 3FE and Whitehall Park will be a 2FE so our building footprint will be significantly smaller than the building that you see on the site currently.
  • Half the site represents just over 4,000 square metres. This is larger than many LBI school sites and bigger than the minimum DfE building regulations for a 2FE school in an urban environment.
  • Representatives of the Department for Education confirm that there will be as much outdoor play area on the site as there was before for the previous school. This will include a multi-use games area and rooftop outdoor area for use by the pupils.
  • If the school is only sited on half the site, we understand the other half of the site will be used for up to 50 housing units.
  • It is proposed (if it goes ahead) that demolition of the housing side of the site will take place before September 2014.
  • The temporary accommodation for September 2014 will be at the far end of the site, away from the road, leaving the remainder of the new/remodelled building to be developed. 
  • We are advised that the building of the housing (if it happens) will not commence until the school is out of the temporary accommodation in September 2015.
  • The new school will be built/remodelled while both of our Reception classes are in the temporary accommodation. We will move into the new/remodelled building in September 2015.

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