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Building Updates

Statement regarding the former Ashmount Primary School site

Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET) wishes to emphasise that its focus is solely on providing the best education possible for the pupils attending BPET schools.

Before opening any new school, we have to be assured as a Trust that we are able to deliver the quality of education that we, parents and the local community expect. One of many factors in this decision is the land and buildings that we are provided by the Education Funding Agency (EFA), the Department for Education’s delivery agency for funding and compliance.

Specifically in relation to Whitehall Park School, the Trust and the school have not been party to the discussions and negotiations on the proposed site at the former Ashmount School.  That said, we would not have progressed with opening the school on this site if we were not satisfied that it was sufficient and appropriate to meet the needs of the proposed curriculum.

We are advised by the EFA that the configuration of the site when occupied by the former Ashmount Primary School contained 3,222sqm of deemed playing field land for a 3FE primary school.  The current proposals for the newly designed 2FE primary school will provide a total of 3,987sqm of playing field[1].  This increase of 765sqm occurs despite the reduction in the size of the site and is achieved by a more efficient building design.

On the proposed site configurations, we will seek to provide a healthy curriculum that delivers two hours of physical education per student each week, along with after school activities that promote sports.

[1] The definition of playing fields are contained in the Department for Education Building Bulletin 99 and 103 and includes both hard and soft playing surfaces and does not just refer to grass playing areas.

This page is designed to keep you updated on all the recent updates with regards to the site of Whitehall Park School.

Whitehall Park School Design

Whitehall Park School - Hornsey Lane - Front of School View

We are so excited that our new school building is finally underway and that we are now only a matter of months away from having our new purpose built facilities.  We have worked very closely with the Design and Build Team to develop a school building that supports the sort of provision we would like for our children both indoors and outdoors and are delighted with what has been created.  We hope you will enjoy viewing some of the images of our school building.

We are extremely fortunate that our school is set in such beautiful surroundings within this lovely local area.  Our site will maintain many of the magnificent trees that are currently here , particularly within the wild garden meadow which will be situated at the top of the site and will provide excellent opportunities for outdoor learning for the children.   We will also not only have a ground floor playground, but also our very own Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) which will be floodlit for Extended Schools in the winter and ideal for all our sporting activities.  But our outdoor space doesn’t stop there – we will even have an additional outdoor play space situated on top of the roof which will provide views across our magnificent city.  Year 1 and Reception children will also enjoy outdoor learning space accessed through their classrooms, which is a real luxury.

Whitehall Park School - Ground Floor

Large, spacious classrooms are our first priority as we believe that having lots of space really helps children to be able to learn in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Each classroom will be light and airy and furnishing kept minimal to provide a sense of space and calm. The largest of our classrooms will be an enormous 76 metres squared and the smallest is 67 metres squared, which means that every year group has access to really spacious accommodation for their main class teaching, as well as a myriad of other smaller teaching rooms and our outdoor spaces too.  Within each classroom there will be a built in teaching wall housing the Interactive Teaching Board, as well as laptops and Ipads, so technology will literally be at the children’s finger tips.

On the ground floor we also have a fantastic additional space that we will use as a multi-purpose studio to undertake specific teaching activities.  Next door will be a large additional break-out room so we have space for children to undertake interventions and small group teaching activities.  On each of the other floors, in addition to the large teaching spaces you can see below that we have small group teaching spaces and intervention areas to ensure that every child can be supported or challenged beyond the classroom to ensure that children make progress and achieve their potential.  Once children get to Year 6, we have three learning spaces for the year group so children can be taught in smaller class sizes for the majority of the day.

We are also really excited that we will have space for other key learning areas, including a library and Special Needs Resource room as well as a really good sized hall for our children to undertake indoor PE sessions, be part of assemblies together, dine together and also be able to use for drama, singing and productions.

Please do take a look at some of the designs and site plan to get a feel for our school site and building. We are all very excited to see the construction is well underway and look forward to rapid progress in the coming months.

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