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Reception Pirate Banquet

In the spring term recepetion held a fabulous pirate banquet! We had games such as ‘Tic-Toc Feed The Croc” and “Pin on Me Eye Patch”. We walked the plank and danced the afternoon away! The children looked fantastic dressed in their pirate costumes. It really felt like we were back on the Golden Hinde with all our shipmates! We were also very excited to see all of our parents there – some even came in costume. Congratulations to Amelie’s parents who won best dressed, we still can’t believe that wasn’t the real Captain Hook and his parrot!

Thank you to everyone who helped stock up the Pirate Poison and the Dead Man’s Finger Buffet! There were some delicious treats for the children to enjoy.

The next the children were all exhausted but couldn’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed it! A great success! Ahoy Maties!