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School of Rock

We had a wonderful trip to the theatre to watch ‘School of Rock’. This linked incredibly to our topic of ‘The Sound of Music’. It was an amazing opportunity to see one our favourite films come alive. We were extremely excited as the live music started and the characters danced on the stage. Mr Schneebly made us laugh with his funny jokes as he turned his class into a brilliant rock band. We were shocked when we found out the children played their own instruments – they were so good! We loved all the catchy music and enjoyed singing along to the finale song! We have been so inspired by our fantastic trip to the theatre that we have decided to produce our own ‘School of Rock’-inspired assembly!

“I really enjoyed the play and the songs were really fun” – Malaika

“The trip was really good and the children were really good at singing. They were so talented”- Zhiane

“I really enjoyed the show and eating breadsticks in the interval” – Kayne