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National Story Telling Week

What an exciting start we all all had yesterday at Whitehall Park School as we kicked off a week of creativity, excitement, passion for books and a joy in all things related to reading, writing and drama!


To start of the week staff wanted children to have an exciting ‘hook’ to get them excited about the fun week ahead we have planned and what better way than to help children to be passionate about books but to take them away!

The teachers set up the classrooms as though someone from the school had snuck around the building taking away all of our books and reading corners so we couldn’t read anymore!   The children were flabbergasted that their books had disappeared and immediately set about tracking the mischievous rascal who had taken the books!   Suddenly everyone wanted to read a book and were drawn in to the excitement of the scenario!


The teachers had even made pretend CCTV footage so the children could try to track the naughty “book thief”!  One this was for sure – it had to be a member of staff as only staff have the magic passes to move around the school! The drama and excitement was contagious across the school! The buzz was fabulous and the children couldn’t stop talking about this stimulating start to a great week of story telling fun!


Throughout the day, children investigated, questioned all the staff, made newspaper reports and become news readers.   This was an opportunity to bring learning to life in a day full of fun mystery, excitement and literacy related activities!

We joined together at the end of the day to find out that in fact it was Gemma (Miss Emma’s identical twin sister who we think is really just Miss Emma in disguise!)who took our books because she was sad that she wasn’t going to be a part of National Story Telling week at WPS! Well done to everyone for a fantastic day full of creativity excitement and  drama! We’ve never seen the children so passionate about books!


Please find out more about national story telling week and how to inspire your children to tell stories, be creative and above all use their imaginations!   Click here  https://www.sfs.org.uk/national-storytelling-week