WPS Summer Picnic

Saturday 4th July marked our second Whitehall Park Teddy Bear’s Picnic organised by the wonderful staff. The atmosphere was alive as families, friends and local community members gathered in the South Field of Waterlow Park. Some families seeking sun, some shade but all in search of widening the school community and meeting their future play date links. Our current and new families were matched and mingled by members of staff who have been doing home visits for all our new children. Many families bought games and toys to share with their new friends and children had the opportunity to play on the playground, chase bubbles or shoot rockets high into the sky! If anyone felt hungry, there was a surplus of food to be shared, sandwich and salad making workshops, fruits, cakes and so much more!

Many of the new parents commented on the turnout and left with a real sense of community. Some children made their first links at Whitehall Park and can now look forward to seeking the familiar faces which they met on their first day in September. The current children have been preparing for their transition in Year 1 and thus, were able to share their thoughts and feelings about being the ‘big children’ in the school during sharing sessions. Many children related to the picnic and the shared consensus was excitement about being able to demonstrate the high expectations of Whitehall Park to their new peers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who managed to join us for the picnic and we trust that you enjoyed yourselves and are looking forward to future events!