WPS Summer Fete

We all had an absolutely tremendous time at our very first Friends of Whitehall Park School Summer Fete.  On behalf of everyone who attended, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who worked so hard, behind the scenes for many weeks and months and to everyone who helped out on the day itself.  You are all truly incredible and we are so grateful.   Please see some of the comments below:-

“What an amazing event! It was wonderful to see the community come together in support of our new school and to see the tremendous commitment of our PTCA, the wider Whitehall Park School parent community, and our wonderful teachers and staff.” Paul, Parent

“As a first time visitor to Whitehall Park, I was absolutely amazed at what the school has achieved.  There was a real sense of community and the staff and parents were all so happy to help.  I was very impressed,”  Steve, local resident.

“It was really fantastic!  My favourite bit was when I threw sponges at Miss Birkett!”  Aaron, Parsley class

At the Summer Fete I enjoyed playing on the stalls.  My favourite was Tin Can Alley! And also, I loved having my face painted.” Lula, Sage class

“Everybody loved it because the photo booth was really funny!”  Rufus, Parsley class

“I liked going on the bouncy castle with all my friends. I had my face painted as Hello Kitty – it was brilliant!” Ela, Sage class

A fantastic community event! Loads of fun for the whole family.  Well done to all the organisers.”  Revd. Steve, St. Andrew’s Church, Whitehall Park.

“What a wonderful event! My husband and I could not believe our eyes as we walked through the school gates.  There was an infectious buzz around the school! Children, parents and members of the community were having a whale of a time. Absolutely superb!”  Renny, visitor.

“So much achieved by so few!  Don’t normally feel emotional about estate agents but I have developed a strange affection for Anscombe and Ringland and their amazingly kind and helpful team. ‎Never realised selling burgers is so complicated. Like to think I have improved my skillset though. Didn’t even notice the weather,”   Tim, parent.

Excellent organisation.  Fabulous food.  Wonderful sense of community,”   Takako, parent.

It was amazingly organised and a true community feel.  I was proud to be a part of it,” Lara, parent.

It was like a festival! The atmosphere was really relaxing and everyone was having a great time,”   Zoe, parent. 

Amazing!  I was so happy to be a part of it.  A great success and lovely to see so many people having such a good time.” Noa, parent.

“A joyful occasion.  Our first Summer Fete as a proper school with lots and lots of people!  So proud to see this acorn grow!”  Susanna, parent

Lovely atmosphere, family orientated.  Lots of things to do.  Great music.  A superb event!”   Olivia’s grandma

“Our first WHP summer fete was simply fantastic. The first fete for the first year of a brand new school and it was a roaring success, brought to life by the overwhelming feeling of being part of a great family, and the endless work, dedication and imagination of the PTA and volunteers.   Jen, parent

Here is a collection of pictures from the day: