Work Week 2016

From Monday 11th– Friday 15th July, children at WPS learnt about the world of work. We had volunteers from a range of different settings which gave children the opportunity to explore the skills and interests that they have and reflect on what they enjoy doing and what they want to do in future. We would like to thank everyone who came and supported us by explaining their line of work.

With special thanks to:

Tracy Fitzpatrick—TFL—Tube Driver

Chloe Sami—Opera Singer

Russell Hatton—Hornsey Road Vets

Elizabeth—Guide Dogs Association

Jennifer Lenhart—Doctor

John—Travel Journalist

Simon Elsey—Animator

Reverend Steve—St. Andrew’s Church

PC Smith—Policeman

Maria Feeney—Scientist



Samara—Secondary School Teacher

“Simon taught us about his job in animation. He has worked on films such as Star Wars in the past and was able to show us how he starts with ideas with works them into pictures and into films. We particularly enjoyed watching examples of his work and hearing about the cameras that he uses—he has some that are so big that they have to go on train track rails to move them around!”

Elizabeth came with her Guide Dog, Daisy and taught us about her job helping blind people. We learnt how to write our own name in brail.

Rev. Steve works at St. Andrews Church, in our local community. He taught us about typical Christian signs and symbols and explained his role to us.

Samara is a secondary school teacher who explained what it is like compared to life in a primary school. We learnt about form teachers, choosing your own classes and different sports.

Jen Lenhart is a doctor who usually works with children. She taught us about the importance of hand washing and keeping a barrier between doctors and patients to reduce the chance of infections by using gloves and masks. We were able to find out own heartbeat and learn about healthy lifestyles.

Russel Hatton, a vet from Hornsey Road Vets came in with his beautiful dog, Isla. She is a Scottish Deer Hound and was even taller than some of the children! He taught us about how to care for an animal and how vets identify animals with microchips. We were able to check Isla’s microchip.

PC Smith came in to tell us about his role as a local police officer. We found out about the important uniform and things that he carries for his job. He explained how he helps to keep everyone safe and we learnt about the importance of not playing with phones as lots of people accidently call 999.

John is a travel journalist who taught us about his role in exploring new places and photographing them to show others. His experiences include coming across a wild elephant who was playing in some red mud and started charging at him. He explained that in this situation you need to stay calm and still and they will not be threatened.

Miss Sami taught us about her opera singing. We learnt about how our voice box makes sounds and how we can adapt them. Miss Sami explained that she sings in different languages and uses subtitles to show others what she is singing.

Nomi taught us about her role as a diplomat. She supports people in making the right decisions and uses British Values to support he work. We know about these from school so we were able to make some comparisons and discuss how we make peace and overcome conflict.

Tracy from TLF came and taught us about her job as a tube driver. We learnt about how the job has changed over the years and she brought in her uniform and tools such as a torch and a high-vis jacket. We were able to learn facts about the underground and we loved hearing that the trains go to bed! We saw pictures of some famous tube drivers called Miss Wright and Miss Birkett!

Maria is a Scientist who works in a lab. She taught us about the importance of wearing the correct protective gear in the lab and she brought in Bacteria and microbes teddybears to show us what they would look like if we could see them and we learnt about good and bad bacteria and their roles.