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Road Safety

Junior Travel Ambassador

Here in Whitehall Park School we take road safety seriously. We have a Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) from each class to oversee any road safety issues in the school. The JTA regularly meet to discuss any road safety concerns they have. This year’s JTA’s are Eleanor and Stanley (Yr 1), Chloe and Robinson (Yr 2), Alisa and Martina (Yr 3), Kanye and Albie (Yr 4).


Walk To School Week

Walk to school week happens twice a year nationally in the UK. This year we had our walk to school week on the 19th – 23rd November 2018. Children in WPS did many activities around road safety. Children did the level 1 Bikeability course organised by Islington. This is a two day course where children learn to safely ride a bike. Children in year 3 and year 4 participated in this course and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Bikeability Assembly

We also had a bikeabilty assembly where Owen Powell from Islington came and gave a presentation on bikes. He taught children the benefits of cycling to school and how to repair bikes if they were ever punctured. Children were taught how to signal on the road and how to safely stop.


Banner Competition

Recently there has been many parking issues around Ashmount Road so WPS decided to do a banner competition. Children designed their own banners to make people aware of road safety. All the children in the school participated in the competition and children produced lovely banners. Some of the banners will be going up in the school. The winning banner is Kareem’s from Lavender. The winner banner will be laminated and will go up on the school gates.