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On Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th February, we were lucky enough to have a visit from a professional circus teacher called Alex who has come to the school before. Every class was able to do a workshop with Alex on either the Tuesday or Wednesday and the children were taught how to juggle, use a unicycle, to balance a feather on their noses and how to use a foot peddle machine. We then all had a chance to try everything he had brought in! We were able to use a unicycle, a foot peddle, juggling balls, magnet blocks, dolphin ribbons, a balancing feather, a plate on a stick, a diablo balancer and a flower stick. We asked some children what they thought of the circus workshop and they said:

“It was incredible I was taught how to juggle!”

“I loved when I got to go on the unicycle!”

“I loved to use the dolphin ribbons that we got to spin!”

“I glad I got to do a demo to the rest of the class of how to use the feathers!