Veli Avdji- Parent Adviser










Being a LAB member is a unique chance for me to get involved and give back something to the community and WPS. I have two young children in the school and its vitally important that I help the school to be as successful as possible. I have spent many years representing very young individuals who have committed some very serious offences. I am often face to face with someone who I believe is a victim of failed schooling. I am keen to ensure that every child at WPS benefits from being part of a successful school.

Professional Experience

Veli is a qualified solicitor who has been practising since 2006. He has been practising in Criminal Defence Law with prior experience in Mental Health Law and has also had experience of Education Act cases. Prior to working in law, Veli had been working at UCL, within the Neuroscience Dept, having obtained a degree in Psychology. A switch into Mental Health Law followed.

Key Skills

Veli specialises in defending criminal litigants often accused of serious criminal charges and regularly represents youths and adults.  

Personal and family

Veli and his wife have two children, both currently in year 1 and 3 of WPS.


Veli enjoys travelling and cooking and sports. He is a keen fan of Arsenal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]