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Year 1 Celebrate Computing at Emirates Stadium

Friday the 13th was definitely lucky for ten pupils in Year 1 this year! They got the chance to attend the Celebrating Computing event at the Emirates stadium. This annual event gets schools from across the Islington borough together to showcase their computing knowledge and skills. It’s also an opportunity to meet with companies such as Lego, Microsoft, BBC and Discovery Espresso and find out more about what they can offer.

Our ten pupils were given the chance to not only see what other schools were doing, but also to demonstrate their computing skills by showing off the apps they were creating using Discovery Espresso Coding. Children and staff from other schools were impressed with what the youngest attendees were able to achieve. In fact even the Mayor of Islington came to see what they were up to! The mayor said “I am very impressed by their computing knowledge at such a young age”.

Other highlights of the trip were being able to watch actual robots and drones being controlled by ipads, a talk from Miles Berry, one of the country’s leading lecturers in the teaching of computing and an inspiring discussion from TV’s Maggie Philbin (those of a certain age will know who she is!). The event was even put on London Live TV and the children had a thoroughly enjoyable time being a part of the action as well as seeing some exciting educational developments.

Many thanks go to Katy Potts who organises the event each year and to all the parents that came with the children, without which the trip may not have been possible.