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Values winners Summer 1-Compassion

Congratulations to our values winners this half term.  These children are all fantastic role models and have really shown everyone how compassionate they are.  We are lucky to have such a compassionate school community.


Congratulations to Yannis in Basil class for always caring about his friends, not only in Basil class but in the whole school. 

Well done Frankiemay from Jasmine class for always being the first to help her friends.  She consistently shows care and concern for people when they are hurt and will always try to help them.

Congratulations to Miley in Parsley class for always being a good friend.  She looks after people when they are hurt and trys to cheer people up when they are sad.

Well done to Ava in Sage class for always being kind and caring towards her friends.  She always welcomes others to join in with her games and includes everyone around her.

Congratulations to Gabriel in Chive class for always putting others before himself.  Gabriel will always try to help others around him without being asked to.

Well done to Izzy in Lavender class for always being kind to those around her.  She always has something kind to say or do in any situation.