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Values winners Spring 2- Resilience

Well done to Louis in Parsley class, who won this award for: taking challenges in his stride and always looking for ways he can improve and beat his targets!

Congratulations to Robinson in Sage class, who won this award for: adapting so quickly to our ever changing environment. He has shown great resilience this term and commitment to his learning.

Well done to Flaka in Lavender class who won this award for: consistently taking charge of her own learning. If she gets stuck or does not know something she completes the 5B’s  – brain, board, buddy, book then asks the boss. She also helps other learners around her if they are stuck.

Congratulations to Joe in Jasmine class who won this award for: showing a fantastic improvement in his resilience in learning. Joe always picks himself up when he finds something difficult and always has another go.

Congratulations to Yilsen in Chive class who won this award for: really working hard to improve her learning. You have been proactive in managing your distractions and have maintained outstanding listening skills.

Well done to Ela in Basil class who won this award for: always trying her best with her learning. Your resilience has helped you to make fantastic progress this year.