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Ashmount site update

Whitehall Park School will be founded on the former site of the Ashmount school in Hornsey Lane. A proportion of the site is likely to be retained by LB Islington, and the exact details are currently being worked out between the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and LBI.

From our discussions with the EFA, we are happy that any eventual site solution will provide more than enough space for our full curriculum and outside play opportunities. Our understanding is that the eventual footprint of the site will be on a par with most comparable local schools and more generous than some.

Of course, it would be untrue to say that we are not disappointed at the prospect of losing a proportion of the site but as a Trust we have to be pragmatic and weigh up the loss of space with the myriad of benefits offered by the Ashmount site in being able to provide an excellent education for children in the locality.

At recent parent events we estimated that the renovation / reconstruction of the site would take around 12 months so in the first year of operation it is likely that the two Reception classes will be housed in high-quality temporary accommodation on the site. This is common for many free schools in their first year and ensures that every resource the children will need will be provided from day one, from learning resources to ICT. Below are some images of temporary buildings constructed for other free schools, to give you a feel of what these can look like.

We expect to hear more news on the site shortly, and will update you as soon as we can.

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