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Arsenal Ladies Visit

On Wednesday 1st May 2019 we were lucky enough to be visited by an Arsenal Ladies coach called Peter who told us all about the Arsenal ladies team. Peter told us about their schedule and what it would be like to be a footballer. They would train from Tuesday – Thursday and things would get more serious on a Friday. Match day would be on Saturday or Sunday so they use the week to prep. After the assembly, we did a sports session with Peter. Firstly, we played Spiderman tag, which is where a few people get a bib while the rest of us ran around the MUGA. We had a 10 second head start, and then the Spiderman taggers were released. When the taggers threw the bib at you, you became the tagger! Every round more taggers were added. We loved this game and it helped us to warm up just like the Arsenal Ladies. To challenge ourselves we added footballs so to tag someone you would have to tag their ball. After that, we split into pairs, one person had the bib, and the other had a ball. In order to get a point you had to touch the ball with their foot. This was a great chance for us to show off the new skills we had learned. There are lots of children who loved the day and are dreaming of playing for Arsenal when they are older.