Todd Lindsay – Community Adviser


Todd is currently Principal Deputy Head at the highly successful Highgate School, which is based in close proximity to Whitehall Park School. It is intended that Todd will be able to offer independent challenge from an education perspective.

“After 20 years in the teaching profession, with 12 years in middle and senior management roles, I would very much like to offer any useful support and advice that I can to fellow education professionals.

Highgate School, regards service to others, and to the local community in particular, as a core component of the School’s aims. Highgate’s current educational partnership schemes with primary and secondary schools in the UK and abroad, and the voluntary work of many of my colleagues on other local schools’ governing bodies, has stimulated my interest in seeking a role as a Governor. I know how much I appreciate the support and advice of Highgate’s own Governors, especially those who come from an educational background, and I would seek to be similarly constructive and committed to Whitehall Park Primary School. 

The project at Whitehall Park School is one that particularly interests me because of the prospect of building up a School from scratch, with all the challenges and opportunities that this entails. I am a strong supporter of the Free School initiative and the increased degree of professional independence and creativity that this can bring for teachers and school leaders. I would be very pleased to have the opportunity to play a part in Whitehall Park’s development and success”