Timothy Godfrey- Community Governor

Professional Experience:

Timothy is a practising barrister in the field of criminal law and commercial fraud; part time judge; with experience of running a legal practice, marketing, sitting on committees and teaching student and newly qualified barristers.

Key Skills:

As a barrister and part time judge, Timothy is required both to formulate and analyse arguments and make evidence-based judgments. He is accustomed to interpreting and assessing evidence of all types, including sometimes complex legal and financial instruments, whilst always acting decisively and fairly. These skills are eminently transferrable to the role of a school governor.

Timothy says: “As a local resident with a young family, who have put down roots in the area for the long term, I am determined that WPS will be a success and hope to be able to contribute to its success. I am confident that I have skills which will be of use to the governing body and those with an interest in the school generally.”

Hobbies & Interests:

Jazz, food and wine, good books and CBeebies.