The Whitehall Way

As part of the school Positive Behaviour Policy, we have established a simple code for children to follow, and called this the Whitehall Way.

All children and adults have a right to attend a happy and safe school. Our expectations are that everyone in the school community will act and speak in a manner that creates and nurtures this happy learning environment. Children can see the benefits of this for themselves and for others. When children make the right choices at school, teachers, staff and after school parents offer praise and encouragement. There are class strategies, DoJo points and awards celebrated in Friday Assemblies.

The concepts of the Whitehall Way are simple;

We Learn, We are safe, We are kind.

All children, from the very youngest to those in Year 6, are able to understand that everything we say and do in a happy and safe school can fit into these three ideas. As educators our role is to help and teach children to follow these simple principles.

We can all make mistakes and sometimes some children may need help to steer back on course to the Whitehall way. Often their teacher, another adult in school or even a friend may just need to gently remind them of the three ideas. This is usually quite private and often enough. When additional reminders are needed a more public procedure, such as using the child’s name, might also be sufficient. Some children will need more and different support than others.

Sometimes, the issue or poor behaviour choice persists. At this point a Yellow Card may be given for a minor misdemeanour or a Red Card for accumulating 3 Yellow cards in a week or for something more serious. Clearly at this point there will be consequences, which can be incremental starting at missing small amounts of playtime, spending time in another class or seeing a senior teacher. At every stage a child will be given space and time for reflection and to consider what choices they could have made to stay on the Whitehall Way.

We have explained this to the children in an assembly and within classes. In addition posters have been displayed around the school. The concept works best with parental support and encourage you to chat with your child about this.

The Whitehall Way

WPS Behaviour Policy