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We’ve received lots of comments from parents and the wider community on our plans – thank you and do keep them coming.

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Some of our latest comments from our Summer 2016 Questionnaire include:

  • My daughter joined in Year 1 after a year abroad, doing her learning in French, and she was immediately made to feel welcome. She made great friends within days and she was given plenty of support allowing her to catch up on her writing and reading in English with her peers within months. As parents, we were also made very welcome by other parents, everyone has been so friendly. Our experience of Whitehall Park has been overwhelmingly positive.
  • My son loves Whitehall Park, he has lots of friends and he is very excited and happy to come to school.
  • A well-resourced school focused on academic achievement and a place where our child is excited about coming to learn.
  • Our child has attended various schools around the UK and for us, it’s the best school. He has been so happy since starting here and has really settled. It has a home feel rather than just a school feel for both my son and I. My son has picked up much more learning than anywhere else and staff are caring and pleasant.
  • I never thought that I would see my son reading and writing at 4 years old! Awesome work!
  • Whitehall Park has been a wonderful blessing. Our children are thriving and blossoming in their second year at this very special school. The strong sense of community and family combined with an outstanding team with their phenomenal sense of passion and commitment for each child is very unique indeed.
  • The school is perfect in every way and the learning is very well done. I’v not known children who want to do home work so much when it’s given. Homework is set out to be fun for the children and all teachers are understanding and deal with problems we may have right away.
  • WPS is a very caring school where teachers go the extra mile to ensure that the children are learning and having fun. The children learn to treat each other with respect. The outings and after school care are excellent, providing lots of opportunity for different experiences. Thank you staff!
  • The school has provided an exceptional start to my child’s education. My son has developed amazingly over the first 18months that he has been attending the school. The leadership is outstanding. The teaching is outstanding. The care is outstanding. This school is outstanding!
  • Whitehall Park strikes a brilliant balance between very high expectations for each child, a strong work ethic and creating a fun and happy environment for a child to enjoy learning. My son has loved it from day one and I’m hugely grateful to all the team for their care of him and dedication to making this a fabulous school.
  • My son joined reception class at Whitehall Park School back in September 2015. From the moment he saw the uniform to this day he loves the school. He loves Fantastic Fridays, where we get to read to them and see their progress. He absolutely loves home work time. He has  shown huge progress ever since he started school. Whitehall Park School keep children focused and it motivates them to behave and do better academically. Having a certificate handed out to them means a great deal to all the kids and so it encourages them to do better each day. I could not have chosen a better school for our son and would like to take this opportunity to thank staff for all their wonderful work and input on my kids life.