Spring 1 – Once Upon a Time

During the first half of the Spring term, our topic is ‘Once upon a time…’. Children will be learning about a range of different traditional tales and nursery rhymes. Each fortnight, there will be a focus text but other texts will thread through these books in order to fully engage children in a wide range of texts.

The first two weeks will be spent on Goldilocks and the Three Bears with a focus on sequencing a story, porridge making, comparing weights and measures and writing recipes.

The next two weeks will be spent reading The Three Little Pigs with a focus on materials, insulators and waterproofing. Children will write wanted posters for the Big Bad Wolf and talking about how descriptions need to be precise and clear. We will also be making our own houses for the pigs to live in using a range of junk modelling materials. We will be focussing on healthy eating and have a day long workshop in which we will make our very own packed lunch including a panini, a trifle and a smoothie along with a range of other exciting activities.

The final two weeks of the half term will be focussed around The Princess and the Pea. We will be looking at castles and royal events and we will even be holding our very own Royal Banquet on the last day of term. We will visit Buckingham Palace to get a clearer idea of what is it like and experience the changing of the guard. In a link to Jack and the Beanstalk, we will be visiting Kew Gardens to learn about their range of plants and what different plants need to survive. We will then grow our own beanstalks for the garden.

Below are a range of pictures from our learning in this topic. We hope that you can ask your children to explain what they have been doing this half term using these pictures as prompts.