Science Museum Trip Autumn 2015

On Friday 16th October the children in Reception went on their first trip on the coaches to the Science Museum. We started the day with a workshop run by the museum and the children learnt about forces through their creative story telling of the Enormous Turnip. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this and it made us all giggle a lot! Some of the children were chosen to come and help with the story telling and they were very brave and all joined in, well done to them!

After having lunch, we had the chance to explore the sensory garden and put our new knowledge of forces into action. Some of the children were pulling the bucket of beans up to the top and letting it drop. They were talking this through and making fantastic scientific links. After this we had a chance to explore the Space exhibition and the children loved this part too. Later in the year we will return to do this in more detail when they learn about space in class.

We want to say a huge thank you to all the parents and community members who came with us to support our children on the trip. The children all behaved beautifully and the feedback from the parents who came was brilliant. We will make sure that the Reception children are congratulated for their tremendous efforts during the Golden Book celebration assembly.