Science and Engineering Day 2016

On the 9th May 2016 we celebrated our first of many Science and Engineering Day. It was a huge success as we had support from volunteers at the Department for Climate Change who helped to set up resources for the day and supported learning on the day. Children worked in their houses to compete against each other for points. They received points for using scientific language, working as a team, thinking outside the box and being successful in the challenges. Challenges included helping to keep the egg safe from the dragon by flinging it across the river, keeping the egg afloat to transport it to safety, designing a vehicle to chase the bad dragons trying to steal the eggs and many more! You can see from the pictures below that it was a day of fantastic learning for the children. Congratulations to the Red team for scoring the most points on the day and becoming the Whitehall Park School Science and Engineering Day champions! They worked hard to use scientific language, work as a team, think outside the box and succeed in the challenges thrown at them!