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Animals found at WPS!!

On Miss Powell’s walk to school this morning she was joined by some unfamiliar friends. First she thought she had seen a snake slithering its way to school, then she heard something creepy scatter across the road. She thought that maybe something was following her to school. When she arrived at school Miss Powell told the children and other teachers about what she had seen. Some of the children had also seen some strange things on their journeys too! We then checked the news and discovered that five animals had escaped from London zoo! Luckily Miss Emma had the number for Safari Pete who was able to quickly drive to the school and help us find the missing animals.
Safari Pete had already found them by then time we got to the hall. He had a snake and a spider (the third biggest in the world) waiting for us. Safari Pete knows lots about animals, he taught lots of interesting facts about them. We got to meet meerkats, lizards, owls and a real life crocodile. We needed to wear a special glove when holding Juliet (the barn owl). Once we had seen and held all of the animals we got to ask Safari Pete questions about his job.
We were so excited by what we had seen we wanted to share our news with whole school. We then went back to class to write a news report to let everyone know that the animals had been found.