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Questions, Comments or Concerns

During the first few years of your child’s life at school, there can be lots of occasions when you are not sure about something or feel that you need further help and advice. On the rare occasions when you have a concern about an aspect of school life, we find that usually most difficulties can be resolved quickly and easily by following our action flow chart here and finding the right person to discuss your concerns with.


There are opportunities at the beginning and end of the day to locate the right member of staff that you need to speak to. Sometimes you may want to make an appointment with your child’s classroom teacher, phase leader or Assistant Head, then please contact the office to arrange a suitable time.

At Whitehall Park we welcome questions, comments or queries and are happy to discuss any issues on an informal basis. In our office, you will find a ‘Questions, Comments and Concerns’ box which is a quick and convenient way for you to voice your opinions, share your ideas, ask any questions and allow the staff here at Whitehall Park to respond to you effectively. We make every effort to resolve and respond to all comments, questions and concerns; often an informal discussion and additional information can be provided to clarify a situation.