Mathstastic Day 2016

Mathstastic Day was a great success!   Thank you so much to all the parents, carers and families who were able to attend.   It was a brilliant turn out and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents.  We really hope you enjoyed the session and found it beneficial to find out more about our teaching methods for maths and also the end of year expectations for each of the year groups.

Families had the opportunity to attend a workshop session where we explained the principals and practices behind our maths teaching sessions, with particular focus on our approaches to using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods of securing mathematical knowledge.  We also shared with parents our Calculation Policy Exemplification, which we can also be found on the website. It was great to discuss the many strategies we use in the class to ensure pupils master the Mathematical skills they need before moving on with their learning.

Following the workshop session, it was so wonderful that many parents were also able to join their child in class for a maths session to see how we teach maths on a daily basis.  The children absolutely loved having you all here, and although it was quite overwhelming to have so many adults in class, the children were really brave and were happy to join in and showcase their fantastic learning!  We were so proud of them all!

We know some parents were unable to attend, due to work or family commitments, so we will be trying to provide an additional workshop session one evening later in the term.  Please do keep an eye out for the date and time.

I loved Mathstastic Day! My mummy came and we played some Maths games!

Isla, Parsley Class

It was fun to learn with my dad in class. He helped me and we worked together to halve and double numbers.

Coco, Jasmine Class

Mathstastic Day was fun! We played some games and I counted all the way up to 99!

Nieko, Sage Class

I have had a fantastic morning – I wish I could stay for the whole day, it’s been so much fun! It has been fascinating to hear about the different methods used in school, it was very different in my day! Thank you Whitehall Park!

Year 1 Parent