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Governance for Whitehall Park School

Whitehall Park School is overseen by a Local Governing Body (LGB) which has a strong focus on three strategic functions:

  • Ensuring the school is governed following the Trust & school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher and senior leadership team to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school, ensuring value for money is achieved.

These functions have been delegated to the LGB by the Bellevue Place Education Trust, which is the maintaining authority for the school.  Visit the BPET website for information on BPET’s governance structure and how this links with Whitehall Park School.

Free Schools are schools funded by the government with the freedom to govern independently – but all are accountable to the Secretary of State for Education. To share resources and best practice, Whitehall Park benefits from the Trust – a network of schools under one legal body.

BPET responsibilities are set out in the two following documents that are contracts between BPET and Secretary of State for Education:

  • Master Funding Agreement – a contract with BPET, as a multi academy sponsor
  • Supplementary Funding Agreement– a sub contract of the above for Whitehall Park School

The delegation for Whitehall Park School is set out in the BPET Scheme of Delegation.  To support BPET Governors, all are provided with a Governance Handbook that set out the terms of reference, structure along with a code of conduct for BPET governors.

This means that Whitehall Park School governors are able to concentrate on the things that really matter – educational strategy, school outcomes and aspiration.

Whitehall Park’s LGB is made up with the following appointments:

    • Five community governors appointed by BPET, which usually includes the Chair – these are governors with a local connection or interest who are committed to supporting educational opportunity in the area.
    • Two staff governors – an elected staff member and the Headteacher (as an ex-officio appointment)
    • Two parent governors (elected)

A governor’s term of office is 4 years and no governor will be expected to serve more than two terms.  

The LGB meets six times a year. To support the role of the LGB, Whitehall Park School has established a Finance committee and an  Education Committee .  They meet three times a year to support the overall work of the LGB.

Current Governors

The Governing body is clerked by an experienced, Independent Clerk – Mike Herlihy.   The Governing body itself is made up as follows:-


Governing Body Role Name Core Aspect of School Life
Chair of Governors Paul Domjan Curriculum, Pupil achievement and pupil voice
Vice Chair of Governors Timothy Godfrey SEN, Child protection and safeguarding
Community Governor Todd Lindsay Health and safety
Bellevue Place Education Trust representative Amanda Burgess Trust/School liaison
Parent Governor Deborah Evans Admissions and attendance
Staff Governor Nicki Wright Attainment and achievement
Parent Governor Nikki Uppal Maths and English
Community Governor Linda Trapnell EYFS

All community governors are local residents and bring a range of different skills and experience that will benefit the school. 

The parent and staff Governors were elected through ballot.    Read more about each of our Governors on their profile pages which can be found below: 

Laura Birkett- Headteacher 

Nicola Wright- Staff Governor 

Amanda Burgess – Bellevue Place Education Trust

Paul Domjan – Community Governor 

Timothy Godfrey – Community Governor

Todd Lindsay – Community Governor

Deborah Evans – Parent Governor 

Nikki Uppal – Parent Governor

Linda Trapnell – EYFS Link Governor

In addition to the Full Governing Body meetings, the Governors have determined a committee who will deal with finance and operations.  This committee is made up of Amanda Burgess (BPET Head of Finance), Paul Domjan, Nikki Uppal and Laura Birkett and meets termly . An Education Committee chaired by Todd Lindsay also meets termly supported by  Linda Trapnell and Jo Fynaut 

The Governing body continually strives to be fully involved in the monitoring and evaluation of the school, providing a blend of challenge, encouragement and support to ensure that the children have the best education and opportunities available to them at Whitehall Park School.  The Governing Body believes that our school can provide a great foundation for every child to continue to succeed, flourish and achieve throughout their lives.

Each member of the Governing body is highly active within the school, and have a very full Yearly Strategic calendar.  As well as supporting the school at events, parents information sessions and being active members of the school community, we have audited every member of the Governing Body to identify their particular skill set.   From this analysis, we were able to  undertaking termly learning walks and monitoring activities, as well as regular Link Governor visits.  At the end of each visit, Governors complete a Visit record which is shared and acted upon in the following Governing body and Committee  meeting.


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To contact Whitehall Park School governing body, you can email:

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