Golden Book

Golden Award w.b. 22.9.14

Congratulations this week to Ela in Sage class and Polly in Parsley class. Both children have set a fine example to others on how to behave, how to treat others and how to try your best at everything that you do. They are brilliant role models to others. Well done!

Golden Award 3.10.14

Over the last few weeks we have seen huge improvements in Rufus’ attitudes to learning and staying on green. He has tried his best and overcome big hurdles, well done. Fedinand has been showing all the children in Whitehall Park School how to be a great friend. He has taught others about empathy and explained how we can help each other to be better friends. He has really tried his best at being able to resolve his own problems this week – congratulations!

Golden Award 10.10.14

This was a fantastic week for learning for everyone at Whitehall Park School. We are very proud of the huge steps our children are making in their learning. Two children in particular were chosen this week for the Golden Award because they have shown exceptional progress in their learning. Ayla has been applying her phonics in her writing a lot more this week and even wrote her own zig-zag book, well done! Eddie has also shown fantastic drive and perseverance in his learning this week. Congratulations!

Golden Award 24.10.14

We have seen such great improvements in the children’s attitudes to learning and also their efforts. This week we celebrate Yilsen’s fantastic efforts in her writing. She has been showing others how to hold her pencil properly, how to sound out the words and blend them to write them. She is coming on so well and we are all proud of her! We also celebrate Lula’s ongoing perseverance and drive. She is demonstrating to others how to be a successful and diligent learner. Well done!

Golden Award 7.11.14

This has been another week of inspiring writing. Daniyal has been practicing his phonics so much that he is singing songs about his sounds as well as attempting to write words which he hasn’t tried before. It is really brilliant to see. Adam has been saying the sentence, holding it in his head and writing it down using his phonics skills to help him. You must pop into their classes to see their writing on the wall!

Golden Award 14.11.14

This week, Nico and Dylan have made it into the Golden Book. Both golden children this week have been showing how to apply their skills in phonics in their writing. They start by saying the word, they press the sounds on their fingers and then blend them to say the word. Both have shown great improvements in their writing in recent weeks and both their teachers are really proud of them!

Golden Award 21.11.14

A huge congratulations this week to Efe for always setting a great example to others and trying so hard with his speaking and listening. He joined us in September with very little English and is now learning more phrases and words each day and sharing his learning with others. Flynn has also been showing amazing progress in his number work and addition. He has been able to explain his methods to others and support others in their addition sums, well done!

 Golden Award 28.11.14

This week we have been delighted with the fantastic progress that our children have been making. It is so great to see enthusiasm and engagement in all areas of learning. Teddy in particular has shown an amazing attitude to learning with an incredible week of writing – just ask him to see his learning and you will see for yourselves! Franek has been a fantastic help in the classroom, he shows initiative and drive with everything that he does and has a particular strength in gymnastics with his posture – you’ll see his talent in the Dinosaur Nativity on 17th December!

Golden Award 5.12.14

We have been so busy this week with play rehearsals ready for our production of ‘A Dinosaur Nativity’ on Wednesday 17th December at 2pm. Eve is in the golden book this week for such exceptional effort in her singing and actions during our rehearsals. She is an inspiration to others! Emily is also in the Golden book this week for such improved effort and motivation in her learning. She is always trying her best and she is now progressing so well!

 Golden Award 12.12.14

This week we have been practicing for our production of ‘A Dinosaur Nativity’. The children have been supporting each other in singing, acting and dancing and in particular, Sumi has shown such kind, generous and thoughtful behaviour towards everyone in the school, well done! Abigail is also in the Golden book this week for always bringing in such fantastic home learning – we are all always impressed with her creativity and original ideas.


Golden Award 9.1.15

This week we have been so impressed with how the children have settled back into their Spring term learning. Melissa has shown a particular strength in settling into her new school and her engagement with her learning has really improved. Jake has also had an amazing week with lots of progress in his writing and maths. Well done to you both!

 Golden Award 16.1.15

This week we have be thrilled with the enthusiasm of the children in their topic of fairytales. The children have been really interested in castles and knights and enjoyed sharing their research findings with us from last weeks home learning. Albie has been helping his class to create a new castle role play area in Sage which includes a knight, a drawbridge and flags to show who is living there. He won the Golden award this week for his fabulous efforts in helping his classmates. Lola received the Golden award in Parsley this week for her continued efforts in her learning and achievements. She always strives to do her best and shows others a fine example of how to learn and help others to the best of your ability. Well done to you both!


Golden Award 23.1.15

We have been seeing huge improvements in children’s learning these last few weeks, in particular in their application of their phonics in their reading and writing. One particular child who has been excelling in this is Luke – he has been working hard on hearing the sounds in words, pressing the sounds on his fingers and writing the words to match the sounds. Rafael is also in the Golden Book this week because he has learnt lots of super interesting facts about castles which he has shared with his class.

 Golden Award 30.1.15

This week, we are thrilled for Olivia as she has had an incredible week of learning in Maths, measuring objects and forming numbers. Also, Gabriel has been consolidating his learning by helping others during independent learning sessions.

 Golden Award 6.2.15

The children have been really engaged in our latest focus text, Jack and the Beanstalk. Aaron has made it to the Golden Book this week through independently writing his own story about Jack and innovating his story with his own ideas. He read it to the class and they loved it, well done! Thierry is also in the Golden book this week for his amazing efforts in cooking during our Healthy Eating Workshop.


 Golden Award 27.2.15

We have had lots of fabulous children joining our Whitehall Park community since September and we are so happy to see them settle quickly into their new school environment with the help of their peers and teachers. This week Lana and Dominic are in the Golden Book for their exceptional efforts in their new school! Welcome!

 Golden Award 6.3.15

At Whitehall Park we are proud of the extended school care which we have on offer. In particular, the Spanish club with Miss Carolina has proven to be very popular and this week Adam made it into the Golden Book for his fabulous efforts in this club. He remembered the new Spanish vocabulary which he has learnt and put it in a sentence. Well done! Lewis was in the Golden Book this week for his fantastic learning about space during our ‘Adventures’ topic. He did some amazing independent writing and art work, well done!

 Golden Award 13.3.15

This week our Golden Awards have been given for fantastic effort, team work and public speaking skills during the group presentations of each groups planet project. Ayla and Julian were particularly good at being supportive to their groups and helping to make their presentations spectacular! Well done to you!

Golden Award 20.3.15

This has been a fantastic week for Nina, her confidence and perseverance have really developed this week during our learning about pirates and she has made it into the Golden Book. Nina is joined by Joshua who has joined our Whitehall Park family recently and settled into school life so well. He is a joy to teach and has made some wonderful friends, well done!

 Golden Award 17.4.15

This has been a fantastic week of learning for all children at Whitehall Park. In particular, Christina and Aaron have been trying really hard with their learning and have been using WOW words and correct punctuation in their writing. Well done!

 Golden Award 24.4.15

This week, Olivia has been showing her peers how fantastic she is in her learning. She has been trying hard to prepare herself for year 1 and has been making fantastic progress. Ferdia has been learning about punctuation and using it effectively in his writing. Well done to you both!

 Golden Award 1.5.15

We have lots of praise this week for Daniyal for consistently modelling green behaviour and supporting others in doing so too, what a fantastic friend you are! Efe has also made it into the Golden book this week for his fantastic efforts in Maths and Literacy. He is making so much progress and both his teachers and family are so proud!

Golden Award 8.5.15

Merve and Ela made it into the Golden book this week due to their fantastic effort in their learning. We believe in perseverance and 100% effort in all that we do at Whitehall Park so we celebrate children who always show this. Both girls have been trying so hard and really improving their learning. Well done!

 Golden Award 15.5.15

This week we have Dominic and Raphael in the Golden Book. Dominic has shown a huge improvement in all his learning across the curriculum since joining us at Whitehall Park, well done! Raphael has showing amazing perseverance and concentration when problem solving in Maths – another fantastic skill to acquire!

Golden Award 21.5.15

Adam has recently joined Whitehall Park and has made such a fantastic start to his school journey with us. He has made friends with lots of other children, learnt the school rules and is already showing fantastic progress in his learning – well done Adam! Ferdinand has been making so much effort in his independent writing this week and his teacher’s have all noticed a fantastic improvement in his learning – good work!


Golden Award 5.6.15