Extended Schools Terms and Conditions

The below Terms and Conditions relate to the Rise and Shine Club, Après School Club and Twilight Time. Parents/carers who complete a registration form must sign the bottom of the registration form agreeing to these terms and conditions. By signing the registration form you agree that you have read and understood all terms and conditions and any queries should be cleared up before signing the registration form.
1. All pupils are required to complete the registration forms in order to use the Breakfast and After School Club.
2. Payments should be made at the beginning of the term before the club commences, your child may not be able to join the club if evidence of the payment is not given.
3. Bookings for the Breakfast and After School Club are made via email at: Debra.Cox@whitehallparkschool.org.uk
4. Bookings may be made for the term during the last two weeks of the preceding term.
5. Once the club is booked, payments are non-refundable.
6. Ad hoc one-off bookings for Breakfast Club and Twilight Time may also be made subject to availability
7. Please ensure when you make the bookings that you have notified the Extended Schools Leader which co-curricular clubs your child will participate in. Please also ensure that all trips, residential trips, matches, events and times when co-curricular clubs are not operating are taken account of.
8. Bookings for the Breakfast Club are for a session and cost £3.00 per day when booked in advance, or £4.00 a day when using the Ad hoc service.
9. Bookings for the After School Club are made for Session 1 – Après School Club (from the end of the school day up until 5.00 pm), Session 2 – Twilight Time (from 5.00 pm – 6.00pm) or both sessions (from the end of the school day until 6pm).
10. The fee for the Après School Club is £8.00 per session and the fee for Twilight Time is £4.00 per session when booked in advance, or £5.00 when paying on an ad hoc basis.
11. All ad hoc fees are invoiced in arrears on the termly bill
12. There is a charge for late collection of pupils (after 6pm). This is £5 per 15 minutes and is applied per pupil.
13. Pupils may only be collected by the authorised collectors as named on the school registration form. In an emergency, other arrangements may be made by contacting the Extended Schools Leader. In the event that a pupil is not collected by 6pm, the Extended Schools Leader will contact the parents/emergency contact. In the event that these cannot be reached, the School Uncollected Child Policy will be enacted.
14. It is the parents’ duty to inform the Extended Schools Leader if any of the details on the Registration Form change.
15. All pupils are expected to demonstrate good behaviour at all times and are encouraged to cooperate in the social organisation of the Breakfast and After School Clubs. Where a pupil consistently demonstrates unacceptable behaviour, the parents and relevant staff will be involved in discussing the most appropriate response.
16. We will endeavour to provide a high quality service to children and will seek feedback from parents/carers from time to time. If you have any concerns please speak to the Extended Schools Leader.