Deborah Evans – Parent Governor



Dr Deborah Evans is our latest  appointed Parent Governor.

Deborah is a Civil Servant with 15 years of experience in a number of Government departments in the UK and overseas; before joining government she worked in environmental consultancy and academia.   She has managed large teams, multi-million pound programmes and has experience working with people at the highest level of government and industry.  She has a passion for equality in all its forms, whether gender, BAME, socio-economic, age or LGBTQ+.


“I am very excited to be joining the Whitehall Park School governing body and flattered to have been elected by the parent body.  I am sure my time in Government holding people to account, dealing with complex issues that have no easy answer and difficult stakeholders will all be useful experience working with the school!   I hope my skills will contribute to the continued development of an excellent school for my own three children and those afterwards”.