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Creative Arts

The governors, staff, children and parents share a vision of the importance of the arts in educating young people. Our staff are committed to developing their skills in all arts areas and they use their expertise to teach lessons through music, dance, drama and art that are exciting, meaningful and challenging for all pupils. We realise the importance of performing and the confidence it instils in children so all children participate in major productions each year.

The philosophy of the school

Whitehall Park School has established a creative curriculum which uses all the arts. All teaching and support staff and governors share this aim. Everyone who works here believes that the arts are vital to our spiritual and intellectual development and well-being. We are not all experts in every art form but we are all willing to learn as much as possible, to undertake new challenges and to believe that, with good teaching and enough practice, our children will achieve their full potential.

creative-artsWhy do we teach through the arts?

We believe that everyone is capable of participating successfully in the arts. An arts-based curriculum engages the children’s interest, encourages creativity, thinking skills, co-operative working and positive behaviour. It addresses the different learning styles that children possess and makes the curriculum particularly accessible to the large number of children at Whitehall Park who speak English as an additional language. The arts provide a level playing field where all can contribute and many will excel.

More than just a curriculum

Children who perform regularly develop a sense of audience, the knowledge that there is a real reason for learning in school and increased confidence and co-operation. It is hugely pleasurable to perform to the best of one’s ability and to be praised for doing so.

Productions and Performances

Central to the life of the school are our regular productions of music, dance or drama. Children take part in musical and dramatic productions throughout the year to support their learning and personal development.