Building Update 2

Whitehall Park School – Building update 2.   16th October 2014

The School has met the appointed building contractor and their architect (final legal niceties are still being sorted out, hence we cannot name the company yet). We have discussed in detail the adjacencies for the building (what areas and rooms do we want close together – for example the entrance should be near to the school office) and discussed our proposed use of space.

The school will be 2072 m2 in size and we have been focusing on what are the clear priorities for school (for example we believe children learn best in large classrooms and we want to see this included in the design). We will provide more information on the draft ideas from the architects once we receive them and keep you informed on progress. The contractor is currently working on a detailed project plan for the design and build of the school, but is still working on the assumption that the new building will be handed over in September 2015 ready for the school to move in.

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) have met again with the LB of Islington planners as part of the pre-planning process again. After the submission of various documents, further information has been sought to improve the quality of the planning application. The options appraisal document was also submitted to Islington in light of their previous requests for the Trust to consider all potential permutations to the design for the site, from a complete refurbishment to a demolition and new build.

A number of you may be aware that the decision to split the former Ashmount school site in two with half the site being retained by Islington for them to “sell-off” or to provide to a social housing provider is being challenged by ASAG through a judicial review. Our advisers do not think that this judicial review will impact the new school opening or current operation of the school. We are therefore continuing to operate normally and planning for the move into the new school for September 2015.